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Valmont Industries

Bellville, Texas, USA :: Concrete Spun Pole Facility

Valmont Industries in one of the world’s leading providers of engineered products and services for infrastructure, and irrigation equipment for agriculture (

Robert Ober & Associates, LLC was hired by Valmont Industries to assist the corporation in ascertaining a new benchmark in a standardized specification for its ongoing requirement of new and or replacement concrete production facilities. The corporation required standardization of a state-of-the-art 21st century facility, which could be replicated across its territories worldwide. The standardized facility was to make the highest-quality concrete, and also set a new milestone for environmental citizenship.

Replication of complex industrial organisms calls for careful design considerations and commercial considerations, balanced for attaining facilities that can perform for a given value. For Valmont, with its new Bellville, Texas plant expansion project; this came down to not only an upgraded facility that could expand production 200% but also be brought on-line without any disruption to existing and ongoing production—not a small requirement!

Robert Ober & Associates, LLC, through its enterprises Plant Architects and Plant Outfitters, provided Valmont with a design-build solution. The design-build offering contained an interesting twist, in that our firm is in a unique position to not only offer dissemination of the plethora of design possibilities, but also the varied equipment offerings available. Plant Architects were contracted to perform a technical feasibility study, and offer the best overall type of production facility that can be supplied for a macro-budget co-developed by Valmont.

The macro-budget allowed the industrial architects and the engineering staff at Plant Architects to work closely with its construction management personnel, and its project estimators, in discerning a proper technical specification for the project budget. From the macro-budget and the project specification, the engineers and architects were able to develop a professional Request For Proposal (RFP), which was then issued to a select group of manufacturers prequalified by Valmont and Plant Architects based on the foregoing budget and benchmarked specification.

Through the RFP process, Valmont was able to clearly benchmark the deliverables of the equipment suppliers. A design was developed and a new Valmont standardized facility was budget-qualified. Next, Robert Ober & Associates, LLC enterprise Plant Outfitters was asked to bid competitively on the macro-budgeted installation and commissioning. A buyout of the project was negotiated and Plant Outfitters were contracted to construct the facility on a turnkey basis.

The Valmont experience was considered an excellent experience by all involved–so much so that Valmont have contracted Plant Architects to perform an updated standard and required environmental review for its newest concrete production facility upgrade in Bartow, Florida.


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