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Plant Architects is a firm of architects and engineers who work to develop total building and machinery design packages.

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Our Plant Outfitters division is a specialized construction company that delivers a wide scope of services to end-users in various industries.

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Bulk Powder is a company specializing in the design, evaluation and construction of terminals, transload and delivery facilities.

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Frac Terminals is a company dedicated to the design, construction and via Plant Pride, the operation and maintenance of plants.

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Concrete Temperature Control (CTC) is dedicated to design-build solutions for temperature-controlled concrete production.

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Mining Concrete is a specialty division of Robert Ober & Associates, LLC that focuses on developing unique, concrete-based solutions.

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Plant Pride provides the opportunity to keep your plant operating at its optimum capacity at all times.

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Concrete Design Technologies is dedicated to the development of high-performance concrete, mix designs and methodologies.

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Batch Plant Retrofit

San Francisco, California, USA

The Central Concrete plant, located in the heart of the rapidly expanding San Francisco Bay area, produces a wide variety of specialized concrete mixes. Their complex mixes are used in the construction of retaining walls, city streets, major interstate roadways, high-rise buildings and awe-inspiring bridges, and the more basic mix designs are used in porches, driveways, and sidewalks.

Robert Ober & Associates updated this flagship plant with two twin shaft mixers, automated in-feed systems and drip-free truck loading systems, allowing the plant to produce super high tech concrete with more consistency, accuracy and speed while maintaining a clean, environmentally sustainable facility. The automated mixer wash system reduces manual clean-up time and enhances worker safety by limiting the need for entry into a confined space. Integration of the new plant’s sophisticated automation into the larger corporate computer network system allows all levels of management real time access to daily production activities.


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