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Concrete Temperature Control - Cooling & Heating System
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Concrete Temperature Control - Cooling & Heating Systems

Concrete Temperature Control (CTC) is dedicated to design-build solutions for temperature-controlled concrete production.

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Concrete Temperature Control - Cooling & Heating Systems

Concrete Temperature Control (CTC) is dedicated to design-build solutions for temperature-controlled concrete production. The philosophy under our CTC division revolves around finding the best solution for each project need.

For every job, we conduct detailed heat balance calculations that allow for careful consideration of all available heating or cooling methods necessary in order to meet the project’s required temperature specification. These calculations are then accompanied by a life-cycle cost analysis (LCCA) to show not just up-front costs, but also operational costs needed to heat/cool each yard of concrete. Together, these technical and economic data represent fully engineered solutions that allow our clients to make the most informed decisions regarding their temperature control requirements. Whether it is pump able concrete in the -40°F winters of Alberta, or 50°F RCC (roller-compacted concrete) in the tropics of Latin America, Concrete Temperature Control has the experience and know-how to meet any concrete temperature needs.

Concrete Temperature - Dedicated to Design-Build Solutions

Our Temperature Control Methods

Concrete Temperature Control uses a variety of industry-proven techniques to meet temperature control demands. First and foremost, CTC always recommends use of various passive cooling methods including shading and sprinkling of aggregate stockpiles; or, for additional heat control, storage of aggregates in tanks to precipitate temperature stabilization over several days prior to use. Insulation of material bins at the mixing plant is another passive measure to help prevent heat gain/loss prior to mixing. These passive measures can provide significant benefits and minimal costs for virtually any project. For forced cooling methods, CTC employs a wide range of systems including dry flake ice plants, flooded wet belts, rotary drum and fluid bed sand coolers, chilled water systems, and ice-water bank systems. For forced heating methods, CTC also utilizes rotary drum and fluid bed sand systems, hot water and air systems, as well as steam systems.


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